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About New Empire Realty

New Empire Realty

WEST COAST NEW EMPIRE REALTY is a well-established real estate sales office in the greater metropolitan area of LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA. Part of the WEST COAST NEW EMPIRE REALTY group, this multi-faceted firm sells both residential, Commercial properties and land over a two County target market area which includes some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Naples, Bonita, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh acres area.

The Company:

WEST COAST NEW EMPIRE REALTY is owned by full-time, licensed real estate and a Real Estate Broker, Mr. David Cadet and Mr. Eugene. As a company, they provide professional, confidential and personalized service for both home buyers and sellers, and have a successful track record in both sales and customer satisfaction.

The Owners:

Mr. Cadet and Mr. Eugene are Man with Family value, and have their own separate Family. Mr. Cadet as been Married for twelve years with his wonderful wife Myrlene Fils-Aime and have two children’s been raising their two wonderful children in Fort Myers since 2008.

Mr. Eugene, his Married to his wonderful wife for twenty years and have three children’s Through all of his business activities, they have taken the personal time to engage and become versed in all the activities, arts and sports available in their city.

Both Man parlayed their savvy business skills and extensive background in negotiating, into forming their own Real Estate business. They’re man who never gives up and does what it takes. And also down to earth and very personable.

Mr. Cadet

David Cadet

Mr. Eugene

New Empire Realty CEO

The Services Offered At New Empire Realty

WEST COAST NEW EMPIRE REALTY provides comprehensive Listing and Buyer services for all residential and Commercial properties, and land in the greater LEE and Collier County area. In addition, they are currently expanding into the “short sale” market.

A short sale is when a homeowner has to sell their home and the market value of the home is worth less then what is owed to the bank. With the current economic conditions this has become an emerging market.


WEST COAST NEW EMPIRE REALTY has become very astute at acquiring offers on these properties, negotiating directly with the bank to convince them to accept market value offers, and release the home owner from any long term obligation to the bank. This critical service helps distressed sellers get control of their lives and avoid foreclosure.

Because of the vast amount of short sales homes in the current inventory there is also opportunities to acquire some of these short sales, fix the interior, and resell them to homebuyers.


The group also promotes GREEN real estate products and was one of the first real estate offices Fort Myers, south West Florida to receive a GREEN designation from the National Association of Realtors.

The company is actively involved in providing both home buyers and sellers with education on what features can increase energy efficiency, building concepts that promote “reduce and reuse”, as well as environmental health concerns to promote use of low VOC products, etc.

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